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Why should YOU support HB 741 & SB 1178?
Nets supported by HB 741 & SB 1178 are simply good for the Environment, Resource, Economy and Citizens. By signing this Petition, your voice will be heard in Tallahassee. The very small nets supported by these bills allow all juvenile fish to escape unharmed and reach spawning age.
If you do not support HB 741 & SB 1178, fishermen will be forced to use nets with 1 inch square openings. Obviously, these nets capture and waste millions of juvenile fish that will never have a chance to spawn. In addition, you will lose most of your ability to access Fresh Florida Fish that are traditionally caught by nets.
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Please Send Forms and any Donations for designated toward the passing of these bill to:

Fishing For Freedom
P.O. Box 672
Panacea, Florida 32346

For contact information, E-Mail
Phone: 561-252-0550

Senator & Representative Contact Information Can be found near the bottom of the website. We urge everyone to personally contact their local Representative & Senator to support these two bills!