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Christina’s Comments:

My name is Christina Johnson. I am a Wife, Mother and Commercial Fisher.

I recently became involved with working to preserve the cultural identity of Floridas Commercial Fisher Folk after getting fed up with the anti-commercial fishing rhetoric in many of our states publications and political circles. Many of my customers were also concerned, asking why they werent able to get fresh Florida seafood anymore. It was then I knew that I needed to educate seafood consumers about the politics of the Florida fisheries. In doing so, I learned a lot myself. One of the biggest problems I found, was that there was (and still is) no commercial, consumer or environmental representation on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. I also became acquainted with David Grix and Ronald Crum of Fishing For Freedom (FFF). I started working with FFF daily, to network with commercial fishers all over the state to keep them informed of the state of Floridas fisheries and to provide them much needed representation to the commission. As of late we have been networking with an ever growing number of commercial and recreational fishing organizations as well as environmental interests all over the country in an effort to ensure fair representation in fisheries management

Link to Christina’s Florida Commercial Fishermen Forum!

One of Christina and Fishing For Freedom’s favorite links! The North Carolina Watermen United Web Page.

Our Comments:

Fishing For Freedom is very proud of Christina Johnson’s endless contributions. She is a tremendous investigator and possesses an endless drive to expose the deceptions created by the FCA, SOS, CCA, FRA, and the FWC. Christina has also uncovered many of the facts proving that big oil is the true driving and financial force behind the CCA, which happens to be unknown to most of their members. Perhaps the most important trait of Christina and her husband is their tremendous personal integrity. Fishing For Freedom and our family of 2,000+ individuals are committed to sticking to the provable facts, not distortions. That’s what separates Fishing For Freedom members like Christina and her husband, from the Ted Forsgrens and Karl Wickstroms of this world. – Dave Grix

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