FWC’s Colonel Jones Steps Into Quicksand

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The Last Line in this Sheriff Deputy’s Affidavit Constitutionally Requires an Immediate Investigation and Severe Consequences If the Allegations Are Found to be True.

For years, FWC Law Enforcement heierarchy and their law enforcement officers have threatened, arrested, and prosecuted many innocent citizens because of personal prejudice and “policy.” Fishing For Freedom is NOT afraid to allege this due to the insurmountable evidence proving our allegations.

In Key Largo, FWC Commander, Colonel Julie Jones had no idea that an off duty Sheriff’s Deputy was standing next to me after the December 1st, 2004, FWC meeting. In front of the Sheriff’s Deputy, Colonel Jones made statements that once and for all, prove the FWC is KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY arresting citizens under “policy” and not law. The statements made by Colonel Jones also prove that the FWC clearly dealt in “bad faith” with the Legislature to garner unnecessary increased fines and penalties against commercial fishermen. Colonel Jones promised the Legislature that FWC law enforcement would NOT add four small nets together to create one large net exceeding the 2,000 square foot Felony Arrest criteria for a single net. Despite Colonel Jones’s promises to the Legislature, she admitted to condoning the arrests because she “FELT” that she was “ENFORCING THE POLICY OF THE COMMISSION.”

Even if one were to disregard what the Sheriff’s Deputy and I witnessed Colonel Jones admit to in Key Largo, her backing of the felony charges and continued prosecution against the three men, is proof enough that the “word” of the FWC to the Legislature means nothing. The fact that the men are still being prosecuted under what Colonel Jones admitted to being a “proposed law,” proves for the hundreth time, that the FWC is totally out of control and quite frankly, needs to be disbanded. Maybe this incident will open the eyes of the Legislature to the fact that the FWC can not be trusted to uphold the Constitutions of our Country and State.

At Fishing For Freedom, we believe that, “If you do the crime, you do the time.” And at the same time, we believe this principle should apply to EVERY citizen in the United States of America… Including those in Law Enforcement.

Please alert your Legislator to what is happening to innocent citizens through the illegal actions of the “FWC.”

Let each Legislator know that the FWC is intentionally ignoring their Legislative mandates, the Supreme Court, the Florida Statutes and codes. Furthermore, let them know that something needs to be done about the FWC at the upcoming Legislative session in order to protect innocent citizens from further harm.

Please provide your Legislator with our web site and/or E-mail address. Let them know that we will travel to any location, on any day, to meet with any legislator. We will prove what is happening, why it is happening, and what proposals Fishing For Freedom has to stop this unjust tyranny.

In addition, if you, the reader, can gather a group of citizens that are interested in learning more about Fishing For Freedom’s stands, proposals, and our efforts to help the helpless, we will come to you free of charge.

Thank You, VP David Grix

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