Faces of a Fishing Village

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A tribute to the men and women of America’s working waterfronts

Triad Seafood Market and Cafe owners Orlo & Pam Hilton, Everglades City.
Triad opened in 1984 as a fish house and in recent years has expanded to a riverside cafe.
Local caught seafood favorites are served up daily. From the boat to the table, can’t get much fresher!

Ron Brooks,a Vietnam War Veteran, has been in the commercial fishing industry since the 70’s and today manages Ernest Hamilton Stone Crab in Everglades City.

Robert Robinson Jr. and Macky Collins, both commercial fishermen, smile for the camera in front of the Barron River in Everglades City. Both Macky and Robert come from long family lines of commercial fishing.

Robert Robinson Sr. of Everglades City is 79 yrs old and has been fishing his whole life. He has participated in many fisheries and has also Charter fished.

I couldn’t get camera shy Howie Grimm to pose for a pic, so I got the next best thing! Howie and his family run Grimm’s Stone Crab, Inc. in Everglades City. They have also been a part of the fisheries in this area for generations. Next week I will get the opportunity to tour the facilities with Howie’s son, Justin Grimm, and see how the seafood, which is domestic wild caught, is processed. I’ll share the pics!

Stone Crab Traps. Each year Stone Crabbers in Everglades City use these traps to haul in the bounty of stone crab claws!

Justin Carroll carries on a family tradition blue crabbing out of Everglades City. Justin is a multigenerational fishermen as are many of the kids growing up in Everglades City.

Thanks to all of you who let me take your pics!

If you have any pictures that depict life on the waterfront, please send them to me. I would be more than happy to post them. My goal is to fill the page with pics from fishing villages all over the country!
Christina Johnson

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