Expose’ #2 The Turtle Deception Revealed

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Part 1 of a two part Expose’ on the SOS FCA (CCA) Turtle Deception

This story will inform the readers of an example of just how low the anti-netting opponents stooped to in their zeal to destroy the reputation of the commercial fishing community. Remember, this group had members manning nearly every sign-up booth in this state to eliminate the commercial fishing industry. The TV spot was devastating… Especially given the public’s penchant to believe what they see on TV. How many voters voted to outlaw nets when they saw intentionally captured turtles lying on their backs that were depicted as “real life casualties” in this despicable ad?

Be on the lookout for Part II of the turtle deception series. Our report will address the CCA/SOS/Florida Sportsman turtle deception that continues today in an attempt to defame an innocent fishery.

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