DCA Rules FWC Can Not Be Challenged In Court

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The FWC Due Process lie is exposed. Since it’s now proven there is NO due process, it’s time for our Legislator’s to trim the FWC budget even further until they obey our US and Florida Constitutions.

The Legislature, Courts, Dive Industry and the Commercial Fishing Industry understand there is no due process.

When I watched the Charter Boat Industry pleading for their lives in Destin, I had to wonder if any of the Captains and citizens had any idea that the greatest danger to their livelihoods was sitting right in front of them? Ted Forsgren, the CCA & FWC.

Like we have always claimed, Ted Forsgren and the CCA are leading the recreational fishing industry down the path of destruction. Our friends in the Charter Boat Industry in North Carolina are well ahead of the learning curve, fighting the CCA.

Link to our Charter Boat Friends in North Carolina.

Short version. The FWC said that forcing fishermen to unnecessarily kill and waste 49 (6-7 inch) fish for every 1 legal fish is A-OK. The court claimed they are not allowed to question FWC WISDOM? FWC’s Mandate: PREVENT unnecessary killing and waste!

Here is the decision, which is being appealed. Be SURE to read the Chief Judge’s Opinion on pages 6 & 7.

The Following Opinion Will Kill The FWC. It Exposes Their Lies To The House and Senate. The opinion of the Chief Judge proves there is NO Due Process. And This Is Happening In America. Right Here In The “People’s Governor’s” State.

Chief Judge Browning Makes References to FWC Imperialism.

As we have claimed since Day 1. The CCA is supporting a form of government that is unconstitutional, which now has it’s sights squarely on the Charter Boat Industry. Guess who’s next? The common fisherman. It’s ALREADY starting. We told you so.

1. Judge Sander Sauls (Settled Bush/Gore vote) made “Nazi” insinuations about the FWC. 2. Judge Mc’Clure compared FWC rule to the way our government treated the Indians. 3. Chief Judge Browning made “Imperialist” remarks about the FWC. That’s 3 strikes.

Click here for any questions you want answered. Charter Boat people and recreational fishermen… Join forces with us before they destroy you too. WE CARE.

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