Cowardly FWC Runs Away

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On January 24th, the FWC and our President, Ronald Fred Crum met in a courtroom showdown on whether or not nets of any mesh size were legal. The Honorable Judge Van Russell called for the unusual “trial on the nets” after dismissing charges against a fisherman arrested using the nets which the FWC claimed were illegal.

The FWC attorneys, knowing all the while that the nets were perfectly legal, showed up for court, but refused to allow the net trial to become a trial of record by telling the court to give the nets back to the defendant. According to our sources, Colonel Julie Jones felt that the FWC would be in trouble if they lost the case.

What does that say about your arrests Colonel Jones?

This type of slimy, underhanded, tactics have been used by the FWC for their entire existence to undermine the laws and rights of commercial fishermen. I can certainly testify to this since the FWC used the same low life tactic in relation to my legal cast nets eight years ago. The FWC attorneys, staff, and law enforcement are intentionally depriving men of their right to make a living even though they know that there is no law to back their stances. From the top of law enforcement, Colonel Jones, to the bottom of the bowl (you attorneys know whom I am speaking of), this constitutional corrupt bunch of bullies need to be relieved of duty.

Fishing For Freedom wishes all fishermen that use a mesh larger than 2″ stretch to catch anything but mullet to call or E-mail us if arrested. If the FWC thinks they can keep this tactic up, then the record will show actions that may entail a class action lawsuit. FWC be warned. We are tired of your lawless harassment of innocent citizens. We are tired of your pandering to the prejudice based desires of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). We are initiating investigations with the FBI under abuses of Civil Rights, the intent to deprive individuals of Civil Rights, abuse of power, and abuse under the “Color of Law.” In case you think we are bluffing, our initial statements were made to agent Cunningham of the Jacksonville FBI Office, which covers the Tallahassee area.


1. The FWC could not legally return the nets if they were contraband. Thus, by default, we theorize Colonel Jones and the FWC attorneys are admitting the nets are legal.

2. If any other fishermen are prosecuted by the FWC, then the theory of selective enforcement should be brought up in court, along with a trial of record for the nets seized.

3. If our readers know of any fishermen arrested for using nets with a stretch mesh greater than 2″, let us know at the link below. We will appear in court for your protection for free.

* There are many good individuals within the FWC that have told us that they are ashamed of what the FWC is doing to the commercial fishing community, the environment, and the constitutional protections that every American Citizen is supposed to enjoy. Let it be known that Fishing For Freedom appreciates these honest individuals sending us letters and sharing words of encouragement. We also commend the FWC Officers that have shared with us their true feelings that they must suppress within their own agency for fear of losing their careers. We support your ethics.

Sincerely, David Grix
VP Fishing For Freedom

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