Abuse: 2 Down 3 to Go. See end of story

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L to R – Jonas Porter, “W.T.” Marks, Marvin Thomas, Virgil Robinson, and Carlos Taft.

The FWC has a fine way of treating our veterans … without caring for their welfare … or about the laws that protect their constitutional rights. And to think … That these five men thought they fought for freedom overseas… only to return to America to live in fear of having their lives destroyed by an out-of-control constitutional body called the FWC.

Meet Virgil Robinson, fourth from the left, a selfless man whom was always there for his friends whenever they were in need.

Jonas Porter, age 67, and Virgil Robinson, age 52, made an ill fated decision to go fishing last year at midnight on October 22. Jonas asked Virgil, “What time is it?” Virgil replied, “It’s just after 12″( A.M.) Virgil and Jonas were concerned about what time they left the boat ramp because of the “midnight rule,” which prohibited mullet fishing on the weekends. Believing it was after midnight, the men set out to go fishing off of Piney Island. It was a good night of mullet fishing and within 45 minutes the two fishermen caught 162 mullet. A couple of minutes later, an FWC Officer approached their boat in the dark gulf. He inquired, “How many mullet do you have?” Jonas replied, “162 mullet.” The officer informed the men that he was going to escort them back to the boat ramp and issue them an arrest citation for illegally catching too many mullet on the weekend. Virgil exclaimed, “It’s thirteen minutes till one!” The officer stated that the time had just changed back an hour that weekend. Virgil didn’t realize the time had changed and became agitated as the men were escorted back to the boat ramp. Within minutes, Virgil slumped over, his head dipping into the water. Jonas pulled him out of the water and told the officer that Virgil was having a heart attack. When the FWC and the two fishermen arrived at the dock, Jonas asked the officer when they could leave. The officer replied that the men could leave when he was finished writing the tickets. The FWC officer called for an ambulance and for Virgil’s wife. Virgil’s wife appeared at the dock and told the officer that Virgil was suffering a heart attack. According to the ambulance personnel, Virgil was suffering a severe heart attack. Virgil was transported to the hospital where he remained for 7 days. Virgil sustained so much damage to his heart from the heart attack and long delay at the arrest site, that he was taken off of the heart transplant list he was on. The two men appeared in court about 20 times on their misdemeanor charges assessed that October night. Each time the case was either delayed by the FWC, or the judge calling for a mistrial. On the tickets, the FWC officer had charged the men with illegally transporting a net. The judge informed the FWC that, “You can’t go there,” after realizing that the FWC had charged the men with illegally transporting a LEGAL net. Technically, the FWC officer messed up the misdemeanor ticket, but the FWC refused to drop the case. Unfortunately, each time the case was delayed, Virgil would become so upset, that he had to go to the hospital. Several times he was hospitalized for days because of the stress of the case. During this period of time, Virgil’s wife asked for an investigation into the incident. The FWC officer claimed he didn’t write Virgil’s ticket until after he was transported away from the docks to the hospital. Not surprisingly, Virgil’s ticket was numbered 364, and Jonas’s ticket was numbered 365. That type of evidence is quite hard to explain away. The last time that Virgil and Jonas’s case was delayed, Virgil once again suffered a heart setback. This time Virgil never came home. After 10 days in intensive care, Virgil informed his wife that he was “right with God” and that he was “going home.” Virgil calmly passed away a couple of hours later. While awaiting one of the delayed trials, Jonas previously overheard a group of FWC officers laughing about Virgil, claiming that he had “faked his heart attack.” The last time Jonas ran into the same group of FWC officers, he told them, “Do you believe ole Virgil is up there faking right now? Jonas also stated to me, “A man on a transplant list and they say he’s faking it! Every time they harassed us, he had to go to the hospital.” “Every time they put off the court case the same thing happened.” All of this for two misdemeanor tickets… Jonas is still waiting for his misdemeanor case to be decided. Way to go FWC.


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