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We are a non-user group specific organization that seeks to protect Florida's environment, people, and economy through responsible scientific, sociological, and ecological management.
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The Limited Net Fishing Amendment

Fishing For Freedom

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To make it easy for the visitor to understand the lack of constitutional due process and stupidity we are fighting, here are two of our many videos.

CLICK HERE... Wasteful Nets, No Due Process, and FWC Idiocy. This Video will give you a base idea of what we are fighting.

A bit humorous, but factual video...Watch this and you will understand a little of what we face yearly in the courts concerning the "evilness" and "absurdity" of the FWC due to a lack of Constitutionally mandated due process. You will witness the arrogance and stupidity of the FWC and the frustration of the 1st DCA Chief Judge. Imagine how we feel after 11 years of this? If allowed to continue, this unaccountable form of government could be a precedent for governing every citizen in the future... And that concern came from the 1st DCA Judge after this court case.

Our fight is Biology over Politics and Good over Evil.

Welcome to the Fishing For Freedom (FFF) website! We are a growing organization of citizens dedicated to preserving our constitutions, the environment, economy and citizen's rights through responsible scientific, ecological and biological management.

Currently, our main battle is being waged in Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has full constitutional rulemaking authority over Florida's natural resources. As a "constitutional body," the FWC claims to be “autonomous,” and “a fourth branch of government.” Our U.S. Constitution prevents such tyranny, but the FWC feels otherwise. The seven appointed FWC commissioners solely, arbitrarily and capriciously pass rules that are often detrimental to Florida's environment, people and economy.

The Commission have openly refused to obey laws mandated by the Legislature. They have declared that they will continue to make rules that affect the environment by "politics only" until forced to stop by the courts. Why is this type of management bad? Here is an example: FWC's resource tyranny has resulted in fishing nets that unnecessarily kill and waste 49 fish for each 1 that is large enough to take to market. Insanity? Yes... What is even worse is that the fisherman or conservationist that wants to challenge such lunacy currently has no standing to challenge in our court system...

All citizens should be alarmed and outraged by this dangerous precedent in our government. If allowed to continue, the freedoms and constitutional protections supposedly guaranteed to ALL Americans are in jeopardy.

On November 14, 2006, the Chief Judge of the 1st District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee recognized that citizens have been deprived of constitutional due process since the FWC started managing the resource in 1999. In addition, at the 1st DCA hearing, the FWC FINALLY admitted to lying for the past 8 years. The "lies" resulted in, and continue to result in, severe hardship and financial devastation for thousands of citizens, as well as severe damage to the environment. As of this date, the FWC still have not been held accountable for their admitted "lies" by the courts.

The few abuse stories on our site do not even come close to accounting for the vast amount of constitutional and civil right abuses committed by the FWC and it's out of control law enforcement branch, but have we provided a few so the reader can empathize with what is happening daily to honest citizens across the State of Florida. The FWC's law enforcement have even been compared to "Nazi's" by Judge Sauls, the Judge that settled the Gore-Bush vote in Florida. 1st DCA Judge Edwin Browning Jr. called the FWC "Imperious" in one of our our latest case and wrote in an opinion that the FWC poses a dangerous precendent to the rights of the common citizen.  Additionally, in our latest case, Judge Jackie Lee Fulford recognized that the FWC was discriminating and passing rules that completely violated the amendment meant to protect the environment, economy and citizens.  In other words, this form of government should concern any American Citizen if they care about their continued constitutional rights, equal protection of the law, the right to appeal absurd and illogical rules in court and/or to present evidence of a governmental body's intentional abuse of ANYTHING (including the constitution, due process, statutes, rules, legislative mandates and so on in an evidenciary hearing.)  If you would like to join in and help us, individual membership is available at $5.00 per year. These funds will go to maintain the fight to save the environment and to pursue constitutional protections for citizens and the economy. 95% of the funds are spent on attorneys and the other 5% on miscellaneous fees, such as the thousands of flyers we distribute yearly. Though we spend most of our time and resources fighting in Florida, we have started branching out, helping citizens and governmental agencies from various states that have appealed to us for assistance with similar issues.

For those who are not able to afford even the $5.00 yearly membership, we understand and will add you to our membership for free. Our fight is about YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR FREEDOMS, THE ENVIRONMENT and THE ECONOMY... We donate all of our time and our mission is both noble and American. For more information, or to join our fight, click on the "Join Fishing For Freedom!" link below.

We have environmental specialists, sportsfishing specialists (headed by our President, a tackle store owner), commercial fishing specialists (my field), attorneys working for our organization, and citizens from ALL walks of life.

We hope you will join our organization and help save not only the Environment, Economy and Citizen's rights, but also the Constitutional foundations that our American way of life is SUPPOSED to be built upon.

Please share this web address with your friends and acquaintances!

We understand that many of the posts on this site may contain claims that seem an "impossibility" in the United States of America to the average, uninformed citizen, but the posts are unfortunately 100% true and only a microcosm of what is going on across Florida and beginning to spread to other states. Our reputation in the House and Senate has grown by leaps and bounds due to the fact that every word we write and every word we speak are backed by well documented facts. If you have any questions about our organization, the battles we fight or where the facts we echo can be obtained, simply ask and ye shall receive!

Permission is granted to anyone wishing to reprint anything found on this site.

The truth will set you free.

Sincerely, David Grix
V.P. Fishing For Freedom

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